A Day in the Life of Pinecraft

The Pinecraft Amish Buggy Maker - He is a buggy maker up home, so during the winter months he makes a buggy or carts in his back yard down here. This mini cart was brought back today for some fixing...

And a bit down the street John fisher was selling his fresh squeezed orange juice, grapefruits and pineapples right off his truck.


Today is David Swartzentruber's birthday. LeAnna was the first one to wish him a "Happy Birthday" upon his arrival at the parking lot where the incoming Pioneer Trails bus was going to land, well I mean stop and unload it's precious cargo - a load of people, who are going to enjoy the sunny days of Florida.

Paul Kauffman is giving Amish motorcycle rides just for the fun of it. His passenger here is Marvin Miller from Arthur Illinois. 

Here is the front view. Please click the picture to blow it up.

Paul & Fern Miller Kauffman. Fern just doesn't look as young as she used to 35 years ago. Makes me wonder why?

More of the Illinois gang... They were planning to go to the beach. This next week it is supposed to be beautifully warm like upper 60's, even touching 70 degree.

Then tonight there was a Benefit supper at the Park. There was a long line of people and they ran out of food and some had to do without. But on Monday night there is to be another Benefit Supper.


  1. Love the pictures as always sweetie! Huggles.

  2. Katie what is your trick you take beautiful pictures.

  3. hi katie.... i had seen you from Eriks site amish america. looks like you got your blog back. i used to live in the orlando florida area, so my favorite place in florida was going to sarasota and pinecraft. i moved here in lebanon,pa on the county line of lancaster. im about 3 miles from lebanons amish community. i see they torn down that old knife sharpening place, i got a few things done there in the last 20 years, is the person who owned it still alive?. ive got my blog going now myself, and i need to by a digital camera so i could put my own pics on there. mine is a work in progress, so if you would like to check it out, here it is. www.amishstorys.com.......... nice job with your katie, and you take pictures very well along with telling the story behine it........ richard

  4. @Richard, Ray Nisley, the saw sharpening shop is still alive. Whenever he is out in the streets he uses a motorized scooter.

  5. oh ok. i like your site by the way katie.im upnorth now in the lancaster area after living in florida since 1988. i just moved to the lancaster area this past sept, so im trying to get used to the weather. would you happen to knwo if andy dienner from intercourse,pa is still alive. i met him in the very early 1990s down in pinecraft, and would stop by his home in lancaster when i went up here for vacations. i went by his home around 4 weeks ago and there was a large truck outside, soif he is still alive hes not living there anymore. he and his wife stopped driving down to pinecraft i think in the early part of 2000. richard. amishstorys.com

  6. Katie,I'm glad I found your blog again. Used to read it several months ago, but it moved locations on the web and I have just now found it again. I live in Georgia but have visited Pinecraft with some friends of ours from Pa. who have a house there and are there for the winter months. I love to be able to keep up with whats going on there from your blog. Thanks for doing it.

  7. Love the pics you had. You see i live in arthur and know most of those people. My grandfather had a house in pinecraft for the winter months until he died.

    1. Who are you? If you don't want to say it in public, please message me.

    2. My grandfather was David b Herschberger from arcola-arthur. He was my father's dad.
      Aunt Marie is from my mother's side of the family. Her husband was my mother's brother.
      I have other aunts and uncle that live close to that area.
      I enjoy reading your blog and seeing your pics.

  8. Hello Katie
    Recently found your blog, and really enjoy it and your photographs are wonderful!

    Until I moved to Ocala FL. area last year, I lived about 30 years in Bradenton, and visited Pinecraft several times. Historically, I believe the area started as a campground in the early '20s and became "Pinecraft" in '25 or '26. I am curious though, if you know, what motivated the first Amish or Mennonite coming down to Pinecraft..... and why specifically did they come to this area? At the time, how did they even know about the area?

    Growing up in Western areas of Philadelpia, I understand cold and snow..... My wife had grown up in Sarasota, so when we were ready to be warmer in the winter.. Sarasota / Bradenton was a natural place for us, and I'm always curious about what motivates people to move to a certain area.
    John Lawler
    (not really Anonymous ...just don't like a "Public profile"

    1. I don't know the answers to your questions. I simply came twelve years ago and stayed the winter months for about 5 years and then decided to stay year round.

  9. Came across this spot on facebook. Had to check it out. We moved there when I was 3. That means almost 70 yrs. ago. My father, Elmer Miller built the first house back on Gardenia St.My grandfather, Sam Miller built the house on the NW corner of Bahia Vista and Kauffman(?) back in the 20's.Loved growing up there. many sweet memories. Left in 1959 to enter nurses training in Milford, De.Now will have to keep checking this spot out.I've enjoyed it very much.
    Joyce Miller Greenlee


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