Haiti Benefit Auction

The first thing I did at the auction was read this sign. I actually thought the trash can is the donation box, until after I took my ride I saw the little ice cream bucket behind the garbage can. So that is where my donation went into.

I am ready for a ride. The ride consisted of spinning around in a tight circle about 6-8 times one way. Then to unwind me he spun around in the other direction and that was the end of the ride. He did promise me a real ride and told me where he lives.

A crowd of people between the sale arena and food tents.

Three of the children were sitting on this swing and when the fourth one saw that I have a camera ready to shoot, she too took a seat. I have no idea if these are siblings.
Photo shooting inside the arena wasn't the best but this is one shot of the selling & buying. For a long time I sat halfway up the bleachers and had a bird's eye view of the sea of people. I more or less avoided the crowd for fear I will be no more.

The parting shot - The Overholt men folks.

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  1. Great pictures, Katie! I especially like the Overholt Menfolk .. you really captured their friendly, honest faces!

    The Solar Powered Buggy looks like something that would make me very sick in about 3 spins! What a trooper you were!



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