Gasoline Engine & Big & Little

I have been trying to determine if this is a new version a gasoline bike? I saw this at the bank so maybe the owner was in the process of taking out a loan to patent the bike. 

This is Big and Little - Big Fred Hershberger and Little Roman Schlabach. These two are a big enough of a contrast without me and that is why I stay aloft.


  1. Katie, my dear friend, it is sooo good to have you back! Good for you! You must be the Comeback Katie!

    I LOVE your picture of the children hanging up in the right-hand corner, with your caption. That is SO CUUUTE!

    A big congratulations on your new site.

    Lots of love,

  2. Congrats. I used to follow your old blog and was so disappointed when it was inexplicably (to me at least) lost.

    I enjoy your pictures and musings. Know you are in my heart and prayers.



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