How to Climb a Tree

Climbing a tree at the park takes teamwork. The bigger girl helped the smaller up the tree, with the understanding the small girl is going to pull the other one up the tree. 
But it was of no avail. I watched until the small girl almost tumbled out of the tree. Then the big girl circled the tree a few times in trying to figure out how to get up there.

Finally after a silent meeting the younger one slid down the trunk and helped the bigger girl up.

It was a huge success, for the big girl has the strength to pull the smaller one up the tree. It was still a bit of a struggle but...

there she goes.

"We made it!"


  1. Conrats to the girls and to Katie for having the patience to just wait them out! Did they have any idea you were taking their picture?

  2. @Peggy, they looked my way once or twice but it didn't appear like they were aware I am taking pictures. I zoomed in quite a bit because I wasn't all that close to them.



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