Breakfast of Fruit and Nuts

I can't remember the name of this fruit but I bought it at Yoder's Produce a few days ago. I had been eye-balling it for a long time. So that day Maria who knows everything about every product in the market was in that section of the fruit. so I asked what it is and ho to use it. She said it is similar to a Prickly Pear Cactus, with seeds like a Kiwi and it is not a sweet fruit, a little it tart and it makes excellent fruit smoothies. So I bought one.

This morning I was pleasantly surprise when I cut it open. I scooped out the insides with a spoon and...

here is my breakfast.


  1. Your pix made me curious so I googled it and found this:
    It's a dragon fruit! Now I'd like to try one! ;)

  2. Yes, it is a Dragon Fruit. Good eating!

  3. Let the green 'petals' dry up a bit to maximum sweetness, then eat it. YUM!



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