Bus Runs

Mel Mullet is waiting for his wife who is on the Pioneer Trails bus. I don't know who or what Andy Beiler was waiting on, but LeAnna claimed he is wanting to pick up a coffin. But Leanna didn't know, even if she said she knows.

(Click on the pictures twice for better viewing.)

Junior Mast came to wait until the bus comes in as his cousin from Berlin Ohio was a passenger on the bus. I asked him who his cousin is and before he could answer my question Leanna was talking to him. So here he is telling Leanna to be quiet so he can answer my question of who his cousin is. And Leanna was quiet too. No more talking after that, at least not to Junior.

Here he is with his cousin. Paul Waglers also came down, so I am assuming he is employed at Yoder's Produce again for the winter or however long.

Ernie, my neighbor also returned back home from about a six week stay with his family members in Indiana. He has to reassemble his bike first before he can take it back home.

Early this morning the Crossroads bus from Indiana finished it's first run for this season. For the time being they are only running every two weeks.

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  1. This would be the time that id drive down from the Orlando Florida area and visit Pinecraft. I used to go sometimes during the summer but that proved to be way too hot, and Pinecraft was almost a ghost town! Richard from Amish Stories.



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