Misc Pictures from a Rainy Day

It rained a slow drizzle almost all day. But tonight soon after 5 PM it more or less quit except for a drop from the sky now and then. I had to get out of the house for exercise and so I did.

There is some sort of a vine growing under my steps. I let it in peace because I think it looks fine.

Water drops on these berries. I don't know what they are called but years ago my Brother Eli took some of these berries and smeared them all over his face and arms. He claimed to his little sisters that he is a Red Boar and he looked like one too.

This plant ought to know that it gets it's nourishment from the roots and not from the head.

I have often admired this Orange tree that looks more like a bush than a tree, and tonight I saw the reason - the main tree had been cut down and there are about six-seven shoots growing out of the stump and producing oranges.

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