The Bus Left

The Pioneer Trails bus left today with maybe half a load or less. Yesterday it came in with almost a full load.

Donny Wagler and Laverne Slaubagh are the drivers.

The two ladies on the left came down two weeks ago. Edna Mast for her nephew's wedding and the Helmuth woman just came along down with Edna. The two on the right are locals; Katie Weirich and Marie Beachy. The time comes when most old people need support of a cane to walk.

Bill Detweiler is local, Al Miller is from Geauga, and Perry from Indiana.

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  1. I apologize for not visiting my favorite blogs lately, and i promise to do some catching-up with everyone in the next few days. We are experiencing cooler weather starting today (Thursday) and as for myself I'm looking forward to falls return to the Lancaster Pennsylvania area. And are the color of the leaves changing your your way folks as they are mine. Hope everyone has a great weekend and enjoy the beautiful fall season that has now begun. Richard from Amish Stories.



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