Saturday Evening Gab Fest

In the evenings if there is nothing going on at the park, I bike up to Bahia Vista and watch the activities of whatever. Tonight Abigail Overholt Desmond was cleaning her Mother's flower beds.

While Fannie Miller was out on her walk and she stopped to visit.

Next Vera Overholt came out of her house to join them. Then there were three people...

And then Milt Yoder came by on his golf cart and there were four people.

And then Abigail's husband Desmond came out of the house and there were five people visiting. This is the first time Desmond and Milt met, the reason for the hand shake.

Fannie left and walked around the corner and stopped to visit with Bill Detweiler and Anna Yoder and last Clyde Sommers, Vera's brother appeared at the door. After Milt left Vera looked up and saw me and motioned me to cross the street and so I did for a short visit. They invited me in for supper but I had my meal before I went biking, so I declined. All of these people are year round residence and this is just the way we do and act.

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