Widows' Supper

Every first Monday evening of the month, the widows get together for a carry-in dinner. during the summer months the single girls are also included. so tonight was the second time I went this summer. So after the meal was over we sat around visiting while a few cleaned up the kitchen mess. Most of the time the Amish ladies clean up as the dinner is in the Amish church house. So I saw these ladies visiting and I snapped pictures. Anna Yoder on the left is so expressive, as you can see. I don't know if she always was this way or if it is because she has Alzheimer's.  I find these times so interesting.


  1. My dad told my aunt Margie that it aint a bad thing to have memory loss that way you wont remember if your mad at anybody ! She said "I aint mad at nobody Joe " Daddy said "See Aunt Margie its already working ! :-)

  2. I remember the last time i had seen the Amish church in Pinecraft was just before i moved to Pennsylvania late last year. The church looks so much better now that they had fixed it up, its unrecognizable to me now in a good way really. So whoever did the restoration work had done a beautiful job!. Richard from Amish Stories.



A sign on the window, it reads the following:  This lady cleans houses and hotel rooms 5-6 days a week, then comes home to a wet,...