Summer Rains

 Tonight I looked out my window and saw dark rolling clouds coming in from the east. I looked out the opposite window and saw that the wind is from the west. I thought this can be quite interesting watching the wind and the storm clouds meet and I wanted to be outside just out of reach of the rain. So I got on my biked and biked up Kaufman Ave wondering if I can make it to Yoder's Deli and sit under the roof. But I never got that far, only went as far as Beachy's carport. I backed into the far corner well protected from the rain and watched the wind and the rain.

 After the rain I continued up to Yoder's Deli. I saw this beautiful glimmering huge puddle of gray water and then I saw these reflections in the puddle. As I turned around I got tangled into the traffic. They were kind enough to stop and let me have the whole street for a few minutes. But then they looked at me like I am crazy and I probably was, but I don't get to see a puddle like this very often.

 This morning I took a picture of these huge blooming flowers in their prime...

Tonight after the rain I went back for another look and here the very same flowers are.


  1. Pretty! I love watching storms roll through. I am also glad I'm not the only one who appreciates puddles and reflections. :)


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