Bradenton Beach

 Tonight I went for a ride with Mary Miller. This is probably one of the oldest houses situated at the bay before we got to the Ringling Bridge. Actually I think this house is at the end of Bahia Vista.

 We went up Long Boat Key as far north as Brandeton Beach. Bradenton Beach is more wild and a bit un-kept. It is not as crowded either, more to my liking.

 It was a beautiful evening.

 I marvel at the rock formation. I wonder how many thousands and maybe millions of years it took to shape and for these rocks. Each design is different. 

 Erosion at the roots of a Palm tree.

 And erosion although efforts have been made to make a stop of erosion.

 Have no idea what they are seeing.

 I love the roots of this tree. It is straddling the concrete retaining wall.

 This is at Marina Jacks. By the time we arrived back to this point the sunset was pretty well gone...

And the sailboats were too far out to get good shots of them. Maybe it is low tide.


  1. I love seeing these photos. We adopted out 3 yr-old daughter at birth, who was born in Bradenton. We stayed on Anna Maria Island, 1/2 block off the beach, on the west side, towards the Gulf. We were there 2 weeks, long enough to fall in love. We want so badly to go back sometime. We also toured Pinecraft a few times. Would love to go there again, now that I've been following you via your photos and blog and feel I've learned to know the area better! :)

  2. I love your photography and stories, Katie. I grew up in the Arthur, IL area and have always had a special place in my heart for the Amish. My dad is a banker and has many Amish friends because of his work. I wonder if you know a Mary Ellen Miller from Arcola, IL in Pinecraft? She may have a different last name now, as she was widowed and married a man from a community in Ohio, and then they moved to Pinecraft. He has a lot of fond and humorous memories of her. Anyway, keep up the posting! Your photos are beautiful.


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