Our Ride to Myakka

 Nancy Ebersole Good and I went for a ride out in the country on Friday. We both needed to get out and about and so we went to Myakka to find the rodeo grounds. On the way back we just stopped off where ever we wanted to explore. Anyway we came up this sign and turned in, much to our delight.

 The compost maker, a pile of compost and a few scare crows. We plan to return for a tour when the weather stays cooler.

 They care for some "Special Needs" chicken. Here are two of them. Of course with the extra attention they get they have become pets. 

 Nancy and Harmony visiting. Harmony is one sweet girl Nancy and I both connected with her on first sight. 

 Cattle grazing

 Popcorn sky and wide open space...

 I was surprised to find this Dragon Fly flying above the trees when I saw the pictures on the computer.


 These vines reminded me of wild grapes, but I didn't take a close look at them.

 Old swayback horse, that I am assuming is retired.

 and a younger one in the same pasture. All of the above pictures were taken at the Crowley Folk School.

And after leaving the farm we did some more exploring. In a few places we drove through a canopy of trees with Spanish Moss.

 A horse ranch with a special gate.

 This old building is an eye catcher.

And another beautiful horse.


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