My Double Life

 Waiting for the Pioneer Trails bus to come in.

I have a double life in Pinecraft, my summer life and my winter life. Today when the Pioneer Trails bus came in with a full load I realized that my summer life has come to an end and the winter Snowbird season has arrived. I bid my summer life "Good-Bye". No longer will I have the streets to myself or the interacting with "outsiders" who are inside of Pinecraft, Today I bid them "Good-bye" until April.

I also look forward to my winter life. The streets will be loaded with people. There will always be something going on at the park. There will be music fests at Birky Square, the weekly Saturday night Blue Grass on Gardenia Street, and Benefit Suppers at the park a few times a week.

Other than the restaurants there is Big Olaf for an ice cream cone or Emma's Pizza Shop for the best Pizza in Pinecraft. I look forward to this season of my double life. So welcome winter and Snowbirds.

 The drivers today are Laverne Slabaugh and Donny Wagler.

 I don't know if they gave each other a welcome hug, but it looks they'd want to.

Some more visiting and catching up.


  1. Are my eyes tricking me, or did you do some really awesome effects on your pics?


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