Tuesday's Bus Day

 When I biked up to the parking lot  before the Pioneer bus came in, LeAnna was no where in sight. Strange, I thought as she is always there and the only way I know she never misses a day when the bus comes in is because I seldom miss a day. This is just a Pinecraft thing and I have never been able to figure out the reason why we want to see who comes in on the buses and who goes out the following day. I guess this is what gives Pinecraft its own flavor.

When Leanna wasn't sitting at her normal place waiting on the bus, I biked around seeing if I can find anything worthwhile to shoot at. And then I saw LeAnna sitting on her stool behind the swing across the street. Here she is hollering to let me know where she is. I love that girl just the ways he is. We all have our own flavor and personality if we choose to be who we are.

 LeAnna's Mom with my neighbor Lewis Mary. She came down on the bus.

While we were waiting on the Pioneer Bus to arrive I saw him walking up Bahia Vista and sitting on the Scat Bus bench. I figured he is waiting to ride the Scat bus but that bus came and went and he was still in that area. He is one of these I know by face but not by name and I see him in Pinecraft now and then.

This morning the CrossRoad bus from Indiana made its first run to Pinecraft for this season. Not many people wait eagerly for that bus to arrive as they like to come in at 6am. Most of us are still in bed.

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