Out and About

 Today I obviously went on a photo spree. I made this photo look old because the sign is old.

 I don't know what was in the glass, but I thought the glass sitting on the sidewalks added to the flower garden.

 Ada Petersheim at Dutch Heritage.

 Wanda Brunstetter in the middle with her fans. I didn't know that Kelly behind us is also one of my blogger fans. I was pleased to meet her. 

 Darrell, I continue to run into him every now and then this summer. When the other musicians return to Pinecraft he will throw off his painted pants and help make music. 

 I parked my bike with the VIPs on the Dutch Heritage porch. They have plenty of bike racks in the parking lot but it was a bit far for me to walk so I chose this spot.

 On my return from Dutch Heritage I found these flowers against the brink wall.

 There are some Phlox hidden in this yellow blooming bush. If we look for it, we can find beauty hidden in everything.

 Tonight I look another ride around the neighborhood. I biked back to the very dead end of Bimini Street. I don't know why this privacy fence and high weeds fascinate me, but they do. 

 And I love to gaze across the canal to these beautiful southern homes, with the Spanish Moss and Palm Trees. It gives me a nice balmy southern feel.

 This is Becky Fisher's former home. They are putting in brick walkways.

And the end of this day...


  1. I, too, love the trees and weeds. Our neighbors grew magnificently tall sunflowers this year. They live too close to where they're planted to see how wonderful they look from our side of the street.

  2. Such gorgeous photos, as always.



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