My Day

 The one lady asked me, "Is Mis Emma back?" I couldn't think of who Mis Emma is until she said, "Ray and Emma." Then I knew who Mis Emma is. I will probably get a picture or two of Mis Emma this winter, sitting on her bucket fishing away.

 The hands and...

 face who transplants the flowers for Yoder's Fresh Market. I can't remember if he is Eli Troyer's Joe or Joe Troyer's Eli, but it is one or the other. 

 Indian Corn at Yoder's Fresh Market.

 The Pioneer bus left with about 11 passengers.

 This morning, well all day it was a cloudy and cool. Whenever we had a day like this in Holmes County we smelled the "Stink Plant". But today when I biked pass here the fresh laundry smell filled the air. I stopped and took a few deep breaths and the smell brought back memories of Mom doing loads of laundry. 

He was sitting here when I biked pass and he wouldn't move or fly away. Instead he looked at me with his sharp beady eyes, turning his head this way and that way. Carefully I took a number of pictures and then sped off. I didn't want to tangle with his claws. A few years ago a hawk this size dragged a small snake out of Calvin Knepp's flower bed, flew up to the hydro wires, held it down with his sharp claws, then gave it a few pinches with his beak and swallowed the whole snake head first. Then he sat on the wires and looked me over. I high-tailed out of the area. And ever since I am careful not to get in his way.

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  1. I enjoyed the hawk/snake story. Excellent photos, as always.


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