Yoder's Pie Day

 Taylor - I think I have more shots of her than anybody else but she is one of those workers that was everywhere.

 All the red shirts were workers, providing the trademark was on the back.

 Free popcorn for the taking and a cup of cider. 

 From ABC

 A Musser couple on the right.

 Traffic directors

 Waiting in line for their pie.

 From Fox News

 I would have loved to listen in to the conversation between the little girl and the news reporter.

 Joe the handyman.

 Taylor with her hands on her hips and an apron on her waist.

 Strange looking turkeys.

 Giving out pie samples. I actually got two samples, a chocolate and a strawberry.

 I returned this afternoon and the crowd was still going strong and the waiting lines were long.

 Louie Sarah is giving out the pie samples. Nobody turned down her samples for it was 4pm and everyone was tired and hungry.

Traffic directors

You can also direct traffic sitting down.


  1. Awesome photos! Who would record these things if you weren't here, Katie? This is awesome.

    1. Thank you Morti. I turned down one invitation for tomorrow because I don't want to sit somewhere eat and visit. I want to be out on the street. I do have a place to enjoy the Thanksgiving meal, but it is the type where you come whenever and stay a bit and move on again.


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