The Pioneer Bus Drivers

Air Works' Reuben's wife 
talking with Anne Erb

Husband and wife,
Emma and Jacob Miller

From Geauga County

 Moses' Jacob
Visiting with Andy.
Emma visits with Margie
Air Works' Reuben,
Realtor Paul Miller
Reuben's grandmother was
Mart Lisbet, who was a Keim,
Who was a distant cousin to my Keim side
of the family. Honsamony's wife was Barbara Keim.
But now Reuben's Danny is married to my niece Katie.
Plain city man visiting with
Danny Dee's Simon's Robert
From Wayne County Ohio.
Robert's wife is Skinny Danny's Annie.
Skinny's wife was Honsamony's Sarah.
Sarah was Grandpa's sister.
Danny Dee's Simon's Robert's step-mother
was Honsamony's Katie's daughter Barb.
This all comes from Holmes and Wayne County.

Even twins come,


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