Jenna is getting her degree being a  photo/journalist. One of her assignments is finding a person, follow them around, shoot photos, ask questions and write about it. Well, just doing what a photo journalist does. So last week she asked if I will be that person. I am willing to help her, so she spend the day with me, following me around.

I needed fresh produce so our first stop was Yoder's Fresh Market. If she is not in school she works in this market, so she knows many of the workers.

 I just did what I normally do and Jenna followed me on foot. The following pictures are what I shot during that time. We went to the park.

 Martha Stutzman with her puppy.

 We watched the bus load to leave for the north again. Dave Stoltzfus visiting with Ivan Miller from Charm Ohio.

 Dave helps Ivan onto the bus. 

 Micah, Martha Stutzman's grandson. Micah and I are good friends.

 Another cute little fellow who left on the bus with his parents.

 What you do in Pinecraft - visit.

 The backside of people is every bit as interesting as the front.


  1. That little boy in this homemade denim jeans has a mother who likes to sew. He is a darling little boy. I want to see the student photojournalist's photos of this day too. It would show the behind the camera "you". I agree, views from the back fascinate me.

    1. It will be am interesting set of photos because it will show me how I look to other people. Like Dad said, he doesn't know how his backside looks. I don't either.

  2. Katie, sounds like a great day of exchanges between two photographers...


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