Seeing Details

 Today I dried my laundry at the Laundromat. While waiting for the cloth to dry I bike a bit, and today was the day of seeing little details and admiring their beauty. 
So: Y is for Yellow, so very yellow.

 T: is for tacky. 
I have been counting the tacks that make this photo tacky. 
I love it.

 M: is for Meter Reader. Last week a guy walked around Pinecraft putting in new modern meter readers. No longer do they have to walk from house to house to read the meters, for the satellite sends the information to the office onto the computer. Nor does anyone have to call in when the electricity goes off, as the meter reader will contact the office.

 While Orie walked off to do produce shopping at Yoder's market another lady climbs onto the golf cart and visits with his wife Edith. 

 Later in the afternoon I did some more biking and noticed this house changed ownership. The "For Sale" sign was still in the yard but the house just got sold this morning. It was Paul Hershberger's house on Gardenia Street. 

I love this little tacky setting on Birky Street, although I couldn't find the tacks.


  1. So good! Enjoyed each picture, like ususal. :)


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