Family Gathering at the Park

 I was so totally surprised when I biked to the park this afternoon. This time I was the outsider, for most of the other people were having a picnic, a family gathering. People were everywhere. The pavilion was full of food and people.

 All along the shore they were fishing with rod and reel or catching fish in a net.

 I marvel at the skill it takes to successfully cast a net. This guy here did the best and he caught the only fish during the time I was sitting on the bike trail.

Two of the boy would try to chase the fish upstream while the other two cast their nets. Or next the fishermen waited on the shore until the fish swam past and then threw their nest. The fish that got away continued to swim and jump downstream to where fishing poles were sticking in the water. 

Somehow we in Pinecraft think this is "our" park but it isn't. This is a county park and it is open to the public. Later today there were two more birthday parties at this park.


  1. If they were not in Florida I would have said that those folks were crazy, but it is the sunshine state and everyone can enjoy the outdoors compared to us in the north! Richard

  2. Katie, your pictures are beautiful.
    The other day I spent a long time on here,
    going from page to page to page. May I ask what
    editing program you use? And what is the edit
    that you do on a lot of them...makes them look
    like a painting almost? Thanks!

  3. I use ipiccy a free online editing program. I use HDR Advanced, and then brightened them up with one of the other editing tools, sort of use whichever...

  4. Katie,

    We really like the story you tell through your pictures. It is like we have become part of your everyday life in Pinecraft. Would it be possible for you to tell us of upcoming events in Pinecraft. We will be visiting Sarasota the last week in Nov. and the first week in Dec. It would really be nice to know if there are going to be any special programs during that time period. Marilyn

    Thanks so much.

    1. There is always things going on in Pinecraft during the winter months. The only weekly thing is every Saturday evening at 6 PM is Blue Grass singing on Gardenia Street. There might be a benefit supper at the park but we will know about that the day before it happens. In Pinecraft it is best just to get up in the morning and go with the flow... Whatever...


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