Chalk Festival

 3D Perspective

 I shouldn't like this picture but I confess I do like it, especially the expressions of the onlookers. When Nancy and I came around and were very close to her, she opened up one eye and smiled at me. 

 It was too much walking for me, so we borrowed a wheelchair from the Tourist Mennonite Church and I let Nancy push me around. Thanks to Nancy.

 This is a vertical painting. quite a few buildings were vertically painted with chalk. One of the volunteers said this is the first time for buildings and she wished they would have been done in real paints instead of chalk. 

 Chalk artist's supply. 

  I just loved watching the multi culture of people.

After we were finished at the Chalk Festival we went out to eat and en route to the restaurant we walked pass this woman weaving a basket. Of course we had to stop and chat a bit.


  1. Great pictures! I went Sunday and the crowd was too big to actually get to enjoy the art

  2. Beautiful pictures. I couldn't help but notice that even at such a fun event a campaign poster sneaked in.

    I think I like the building art the best. What amazing talent!

  3. Fascinating! I should try to work this into one of my Sarasota books. )

    1. Great idea Lynette. They also have a website


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