Too Many Choices

 Tonight I had too many choices, but this is not the last time it is going to happen. We had a Benefit Supper and singing at the park and there was also a Song Fest at Birky Square. 

So I spend a bit of time at the park and then made my way over to Birky Square. I took this picture of the biggest man from the Eicher clan that I have ever met. 

 I stopped in at Yoder's Produce to say Good-Bye to Jenna Hostetler before she returns to college. 

 Then I crosses Bahia Vista and at first glance I thought Bill's nose was pasted shut with white paste. Instead it was a healing salve Helen gave him.

 At Birky Square, Mel Mullet and his wife from the Sugarcreek Ohio area. 

 Still picking away... The local Miller siblings sang first.

Then the second half of the music came from Dave Swartzentruber's group of singers.

 The gentle doves still sit on the tower, same as they did for many a year. The first time I thought they were real and marveled at the fact that they never flew off or away. 

I took this after dark and edited it a bit.


  1. your pictures and comments makes me want to come down and visit. but guess I will stay here in MO where it is cold.

  2. HI Katie, keep checking your blog--have not seen any pic of my Dad yet- Sam Smucker. Keep an eye on him make sure he behaves.

    1. I have visited with him a few times since he is back down here.


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