A Day of Visiting Relatives

 Six of us sisters had an afternoon of visitation with relatives. Our first stop was to visit cousin Carol, who is only 50+ years old and has been battling cancer for two and a half years. Her grand daughter Jolene is waiting at the door.

 Cousin Carol. 

 Back on the sofa is Sister Dena. Up front is Carol and Dennis' daughter Rachel and their children, Jolene, Regina and Lamar. It seems we can't hide our genes, for a few generations later they show up again. Jolene eye balling me has the same eyes her great-grandmother did, which was our Aunt Anna married to Pep Paul.

Another one of these beautiful Holmes County flower beds.

 Three generations: Rachel, Carol and Regina.

Time to crawl back into our vehicles. Left to right: Dena, Edna, Barbara, Clara and Anna are my sisters. 
 Our next stop was visiting Uncle Noah and Nancy Sommers Troyer. Noah's first wife was Mom's Sister Clara. Uncle Noah is well known in the area, known as Gas Noah. Noah & Sister Dena.

 Their barn as I remember it from ages gone by. I don't know if Noah & Clara moved onto this farm as soon as they were married, but it is the only place I ever remember visiting them as a child. 

The life of their dogs is resting under the trampoline and licking my face. While we were visiting Noah & Nancy, their youngest son Paul came home with his wife Michelle and a new son.

 After leaving Noah and Nancy we had an early dinner at Mrs Yoder's in Mt Hope. And then went to visit Uncle Levi northeast of Mt Hope. Uncle Levi is the last one of Mom's siblings and he also lives the longest, making it past the age of 80.

 I didn't dare bring out my camera while visiting with Uncle Levi or Freeman & Cousin Mattie. Levi used to, or tried to be a strict Amish Bishop. In his heart he never was strict but he was obliged to appear strict. Anyway I will leave that as it is. He is my uncle and I love him for who he is. 

So I took a picture of the dog's big healthy mouth and the oil tank.


  1. Nice, I love visiting family, the stories we hear over and over again. Katie, why was your Uncle called Gas Noah? Can you tell us? Love the Amish nick names.

    1. He delivered and sold bottled gas for years among the Amish.

  2. Katie, you take gorgeous pictures! Thank you for sharing.

  3. How funny that I too was wondering about Uncle Noah's nickname. I don't think I would like having it.
    I love looking at your pictures. I don't know anyone in your family, but enjoy looking at them just the same. The human face says so much.
    The weeds in the sign pole were interesting. I'd never seen such a thing. And the red signs had wonderful symmetry. I love the color red, anyway.
    I do hope your grieving process is lightening some. Sometimes it's hard to believe, one day, I won't be walking around this earth anymore. As I get older I think about death more frequently. Not in any sort of a morbid way, just more often.


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