More Rain

 I don't remember when it started raining, but I do recall I had plenty of opportunities to do some biking this morning before the rains started. The beginnings of this rain we had lightening and thunder hard enough to interfere with the Internet connections, and so I shut down until it came back on again. 

 It rained until after five tonight and even before it totally quit I was out on my bike. There as water everywhere there was a bit of a low spot.

 This old house has water up to the doors. I don't think anybody lives in here. At least I hope not.

 Drooping flowers are beautiful.

 An old chicken bone on somebody's drive.

 Cast down but not out...

 A tiny  waterfall.

 Ernie dug the small ditch so the water can run off.

 And more water...

 This shot has water under the privacy fence, but that is not why I took this photo.

The biggest puddle on my street is the driveway where Sam and Martha used to live.


  1. Hi Katie,
    That's a lot of rain! We had a good splash a month or so back here in the Chicago burbs. A 4-way stop, that I cross on a daily basis, was completely under water. There is a large pond and a park on the corner which is why this particular spot was hit. A couple of neighborhood boys thought it would be fun to try out their inflatable raft to investigate the underwater car of a thrill seeker who stalled while trying to cross the 4-way. There can be so much fun involved in mini-storms.
    The picture of the chicken bone has no water around it. Do you know why? Also, the picture of the blue flower is beautiful.
    I notice you have a raindrop motif as your blog's backdrop. Are you partial to rainy days? I've always loved a good rain storm so long as the power doesn't go out. I like electricity and a refrigerator that doesn't reek of rotting food.
    You're pictures are great.

  2. Almost forgot-Happy 4th of July! May your evening be filled with fireworks!


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