Jensen Schlabach

Jensen is my great-nephew. I probably post more pictures about him than any of the other great-nieces or nephews. But I come in contact with him more than any of the others. This is just the way it is because I stay with his grandparents whenever I am in Ohio.

 Looking for something to magnify with the magnifying glass.

 He has a baby brother Braxton John who is about four weeks old. 

 Must be asking Mom for a slice of watermelon.

 He loves to read. I know it is funny reading the Gemeinde Register upside down, but on the other hand it is very much possible. In my third year of teaching school at Stone Hill in Wayne County Ohio, Hivel Eli's John could read just as fast and fluently upside-down as right-side up. I kept telling him to read right-side up in vain, but my talking helped until I asked him why he reads upside-down? He looked at me with his big glassy blue eyes and finally said, "Because I don't look when I open my book."  So I told him very soberly he must always look whenever he gets his reading book out of his desk. That was the end of the upside reading problem. Jensen is only four years old, so he has a few more years to read right side up.

In his serious moments he says, "There is a message in here for Grandpa." I am sure there is but the message is for all of us. The Christenpflicht is a German prayerbook used by most of the Amish.

 I don't know if this is a serious moment or not...

 but this is a serious moment. He is trying to get something from his Aunt MaryAnna.

 Fixing his shorts.

 And he is growing horns.

The End


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