The Beauty of a Pinecraft Summer

 In the middle of this afternoon I went for a bike ride. I knew before I started out that the thermometer says 92 degree and the feel was 109, but I needed a bike ride. So I went biking on Bimini and Hines Street. This "Dead End" pole caught my eye for the weeds are growing up inside the pole. Plus out of these holes crawled the cutest Geckos while at the same time wasps were going in and out the holes. I guess Geckos and wasps live in harmony.

 I had never seen these ugly red signs as a thing of beauty until today among dark green shrubbery.
 The Spanish Moss joined hands to make a circle.

 Beauty and the dead end of Bimini.

 The table is spread for the Geckos.

 After the rain the ground is soft and the bugs are plentiful.

This flower is big enough to fill the whole side of the shed. Maybe it is just my perspective. Everything looks bigger than it actually is.


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