Shuffleboard Playing

 Finally there are two Shuffleboards a going. Most evenings there is nobody shuffling, but this is the 4th of July holiday and so the Pioneer Trails bus came down with vacationers. Of course nobody shuffled yesterday with the all-day rain and tonight it was almost not fit to play as every now and then a few rain drops fell from the sky, but not enough rain to get the players running for shelter.
Left to right are: Dave Yoder from Indiana, Andy Byler local, Junior Fisher Ohio, John Henry Whetstone Kentucky. I don't know who the man on the bench is.
 The shuffleboard court is also a good place to socialize and catch up with the news or whatever older women talk about. Left to right: Ida Mae Yoder is Dave's wife. Wilma belongs to John Henry Whetstone, and Fannie is Homer Lambright's wife, local. In the back is David Borntrager local.

Playing on the opposite end are Crist Petersheim, Homer Lambright, Paul Miller and Henry Wagler, all local men. Each day until Friday when the Pioneer Bus leaves again there is probably going to be Shuffleboard playing.


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