An Evening Out

 Tonight while at the park visiting these two groups of girls came up to look. Whenever this happens I get out my camera to point and shoot. One of two things happen, either they walk away or converse. These two walked away.

 Sisters, the oldest one answered every question we asked her.

 After leaving the park I biked down Kruppa Street, just to see what is happening with the house where Katie Fisher rented this winter. In the empty lot next to the old house I saw this perfect image representing Pinecraft. According to this billboard, some people work, while others sit...

 The old house where the windows are broken out and the air conditioner is gone. It is in the process of being torn down in order to build a new house.

The sign on the side door. I don't know which A.Y. but probably the one who is demolishing the house.


  1. Those kids are so adorable. Poor old house, I hate to see a house like that.


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