My Day

 The Pioneer bus came in with four passengers. Tomorrow this bus will be loaded to the gill, going back north. It is that time of the year, Spring Break has ended as far as Pinecraft is concerned, except for the Easter Holidays. At least this week few passengers come south. Many go north.

 Jake Lapp was power washing his rental bikes to store for the summer and so I asked if he would wash my bike too? Of course he did. 

 Tonight there were no shuffleboard games, so about everybody was out on golf carts or bikes.

 Mr Squirrel and the Crow had a squabble. The crow left after being chased by the squirrel.

 More people sitting and walking...

The day ended with this sunset.


  1. Good to see Atlee and Viola. Old friends of my parents. Atlee used to sing in a men's trio with my dad.


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