My Afternoon and Evening

 Today a number of people left that seem like year round residents. It is mostly people from further north where Winter sets in early and Spring comes late. So what is the hurry to go home? One of these today was Al Miller from Geauga County Ohio. Al is on crutches as he had Polio when he was two years old. Since his father passed away he lives alone and takes care of himself. Anyway this circle of men are here to see him off.
 Freeman and Sarah Byler also from Geauga County left today. Their leaving was a bit more emotional as Freeman has been battling cancer for years and it is sapping his strength. His wife Sarah is legally blind. But her hearing is sharp.

 Roman & Fannie (Sommers) Schlabach with Freeman.

 Two men on mobility scooters.

 Al can't take steps so the he travels with the handicap bus.
 Tonight was the Shuffleboard Tournament at the park. Tonight was the first time this winter I got close enough to get a few pictures taken.

 Bob Bender

 They play seriously.

Tim Miller down on his knee making a straight shoot.


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