Wednesday's Shuffleboard Tournament

 Every Wednesday evening there is a Shuffleboard Tournament at the park. During the busy season of the year I won't touch the shuffleboard court with a ten foot pole. It is just a too full and busy place. But now that not many people are left in Pinecraft, I get close up to the fence and take it in.

I think the games start at 6:30 but before that time the sweeping has to be done. John Henry Whetstone sweeps and visits.

 Jim Miller spreads the sand or crystals or whatever on the board that makes the disks slide easier.

 THen get out the disks and put them in place.

 The men talk and draw slips to determine who plays with whom.

 And the games go...

 Watching the games. Well it was more just for something to do.

 The opposite end of the games.

Omar Stolzfus is visiting with little Sammy or Bubby or whatever his name is. He is the cutest boy around. He is the only boy among three girls.

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  1. Look at that precious little boy in the last picture. So sweet.



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