Full Bus Load

 This afternoon another full bus load went north. Pinecraft is empty compared to a month ago, but yet whenever the Pioneer bus goes north, it goes with a full load. Must be people crawl out of the woodwork whenever it is time to go back north. Here is Joe Weaver coming with a load of their things to take home. People who stay all winter normally have more to take back and forth.

 Ready and waiting until time to board the bus.

 This season the buses have prearranged seating. The list of who sits where is taped on the bus, both inside and outside. 

 Back in the early 1970's I had a suitcase like this bright blue one. I used it for years until the hinges wore out.

It looks like the bus has its own cleaning equipment. Each head hangs while the handle slides into a pvc pipe. Here is the mop, broom, brush and a window scraper.


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