Changes for the Better in Pinecraft

Tonight I was biking for exercise. Beings there was nothing going on of interest at the park I biked down Miller Ave, wanting to take a look at the progress of this place.
 The old house between Kruppa and Miller has been torn down and a new home is in the making.
 Across the street sitting between Miller and Graber is the new Musser home. A year ago the old house was torn down and this new one took its place.

 A year ago this brand new house was build on an empty lot between Yoder and Graber Ave.

 This was started in late 2013 on Bimini going in from Beneva. I think it belongs to Randy Shrock.

 This new house on Clarinda close to Beneva was build last summer.

 This is also on Clarinda, close to Kaufman. The old house was torn down and the new one is still in the making.

 This one was a remodeling job with a new addition that is larger than the original house.  This is the backkside. The front faces Yoder.

A remodeling job in the corner where the dead ends of Kaufman and Schrock meet. 

There is at least one other remodeling/addition I didn't get tonight. All of these homes are on the south side of Bahia Vista.  I guess Pinecraft is getting a new facelift.

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