Blooms and People

 Tonight I took my camera and went outside, not knowing what I am going to shoot but something, anything... The empty streets are starting to wear on me. It is time for Snow Birds to come back and it will be only about 4-6 weeks until the first ones arrive to stay. 

All summer we have been having the right amount of rain to keep the lawns green and blooming and I have been seeing various shades of red flowers. 

 I never know how long I will be outside for it all depends who else you just happen to meet. I was at the park when Enos came in and right behind Leroy pulled up. It didn't take long before the group doubled in size. And the next thing I knew it was dark, so we all went home.
For the last couple of summers quite a number of people were here to doctor. But this summer not many came. This is only the second couple I remember coming down to doctor. 

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