The 17 Year Locust

Today while biking home from Yoder's Deli I came upon this dead Locust. I am sure it has a better name but we always called it "The Seventeen Year Locust". I looked at it for the longest time as memories returned of our first encounter with their seventeen year cycle, which was the summer of 1965. Mom did not like this locust and it's noisy sound  at all for it brought back a flood of painful memories, as seventeen years previously her Dad died of cancer.

But we children enjoyed going into the woods and looking for their empty shells and wings. We took them home and made all kinds of flower designs. We glued the wings on paper to create different flowers. 


  1. I've been missing you! Keep up the posts! :-)

  2. Children can be so creative. The first I'd heard of the seventeen year locust was when I lived in TN. Or was it seven year? Either way, when the year came about for the critters to exit the earth they knew no bounds. Someone ought to come up with a horror movie revolving around the cicada.


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