The Best of Life at the Park

 The best of life at the Park is: 
Visiting at the pavilion.

 Karl at work getting the apartments ready for winter residents.
 A fat necked Great Blue Heron. Looks like he got dinner stuck in his throat. He looked at the peanut I offered him but he didn't want it so he walked off.

 Good table manners.

 Tonight was the Shuffleboard Tournament. There were only two teams. 
 The other side of the boards.

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  1. The squirrel photo is so cute. When I first moved into my condo. the people here previously must have fed squirrels from the balcony. It became evident when I noticed a visitor peering through the glass door with a look of "Please feed me." If I didn't get to his demands right away he would climb up the screen and chatter. He was a pushy one. The kids saved the crust from their peanut butter and jelly sandwiches which we fed to them. They also got nuts, apples, pumpkins, sunflower seeds, and dried corn. The pumpkins and dried corn were part of my fall decorations so I wasn't thrilled to find bald cobs and pumpkins filled with holes, but what can you do? They're only doing what God put in them to do.
    Eventually, we had to stop. A mouse decided he wanted in on the action. And I didn't want mice coming into my home.


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