Saturday Night

 Tonight when I started out biking I was fascinated at this blue parking lot. Normally it is not blue, but I think it was a reflection from the sky.
David has help in putting new tile into this apartment, getting it ready for winter residents.

 I biked to the park and immediately sensed something happened, although everything appeared peaceful. It simply looked like somebody got kicked out of some place and then moved to the park. The bedding is soaking wet.

 No one around. The crocs on the creek bank and the hat on another picnic table. I left the park.


  1. Um, so what was going on? That's almost spooky.

  2. It's amazing how light can completely change a color. I remember buying a particular paint color for my livingroom that took on a different hue when the sun hit it. I didn't like the new color.
    When you said crocs my first thought was crocodiles. I've read articles about Florida and the unexpected guests that make their way into garages, yards, etc. because their owners set them free or land was getting scarce. I wonder if you've ever had any experiences with reptiles being in the wrong place at the wrong time.



A sign on the window, it reads the following:  This lady cleans houses and hotel rooms 5-6 days a week, then comes home to a wet,...