My Evening.

 I was out biking tonight. I had a dinner invitation with Eli and Bonnie, but I took a rain check for tomorrow. I needed to bike, and bike fast and furious. I had been at my computer almost all day and knew what I had to do tonight. 

So I biked down to the park. Two squirrels met me almost as soon as I turned in. One of them took the peanut from my fingers and the other didn't. They both like me, they just don't like each other. 

I noticed these Trumpet flowers trumpeting  over the vines that tangle and strangle them.
 Then it started thundering in the distance and the skies became yellow.

 And turned a different shade behind Erma's house.

It became dark and foreboding, enough so to bring people out of the house. Then it thundered a bit, and lightened a bit and rained a bit. That is it... 

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