Cleaning the Park

 On Sunday the Offender Work Program came out and cleaned up the wooded areas of the park. Today their garbage was picked up. 

 My view from the foot bridge at the north end of the park.

 I hope the north end of the park stays as it is. There are hardly any people in this part and so it is left to the birds and the squirrels. The ferns grow on the trees.

This morning I went for another bike ride, for the simple reason I wanted to get out and about before the rains come again. I got to the park just as these men were backing down the ramp to get into the water.
 I was hoping they would go upstream so it would give me more time to figure out what they are going to do. They were using a Sarasota County Work truck, so surely they were not out for just a ride. But maybe they were as the only things they took with them was a few water bottles and the Phillippi Creek is federal waterways.

 Anyway when they started the motor, they made the dust, no water fly. I don't know what the alligators did but the ducks flew out of their way.

 The Yard Workers were just finishing up their share of making the park beautiful.

These weeds look like Caster Beans like we had in Tennessee.

 It rained for water to collect in this bowl. It is not deep enough for water fowl to swim, so it is basically unoccupied.

 The sun set in the park tonight.

 My neighbor's bell in the sunset.

And the moon...


  1. Beautiful! Thank you.

  2. The shot of the sunset was framed beautifully.
    A rush of sadness always comes over me when I see the young men from jail cleaning up the road sides. I wonder what got them to such a place of losing their freedom to move about without someone having to keep tabs on them.
    Lovely pictures as always.


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