Dining on Popcorn and Bread

 Tonight the birds had their fill of popcorn and old bread. They screamed and fought and ate until their croup was bulging full and so I quit throwing out popcorn and bread. 

 I don't understand the Great Blue Heron. He never comes for food but instead just sort of circles around and looks in on the action. I never can figure out if he is approving or disapproving of me feeding the birds.

 The Great Blue Heron will not let this bird get close to the popcorn and bread. Tonight I thought they are going to lock horns.

 This black bird was tolerated but not welcome with the crowd. 

 In the meantime people were out biking or walking and playing shuffleboard. There are still enough people here to keep the shuffleboard going.

A sure sign Summer is here is seeing this cat outside. It has been around for years but I haven't figured out yet if it is a Town Cat or someone's pet. 

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