Nokomis Drum Circle

 Last evening was spent at the Nokomis Drum Circle. (Jerry & Janet Oberholtzer)
About the second time I was at the Drum Circle we had three or four Amish girls with us. These Amish girls were not afraid to ask questions with answers. So someone in our group asked one of them, "What does a person get out of these Drum Circles?" The answer was simple, "Whatever you want to get out of it." 
 So here are some of the things we/I got out of last night's Drum circle, making new friends.
 Hula Hooping with two Hula Hoops.
 Sitting with friends.
 Watching the sun set.
 Meeting Leo formerly from Colombia SA. He was selling jewelry made from seeds and strung on high quality hemp cord. They have a Facebook page and a website.  
 Trying on a bracelet.
 Making choices.
 Some watches are made from this seed.
 These bracelets reminded me so much of my Grandmother on Mom's side of the family. Not that she wore jewelry but she loved beautiful things and had a number of strung beads made with Job's Tears, a plant that grew in their garden. Most every mother had a few different strung beads in their diaper bag to keep the babies occupied during the long three hour church services. Job's Tears are still on the market both for stringing beads and seeds to plant. I would love to get a few seeds or some beads to string in memory of Grandmother.
Vern bought a watch, with his Aunt Nancy looking on.
It was another beautiful evening of sitting, visiting, making new friends... 

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