Here are some pictures of the house fire in Pinecraft Monday evening. If I wouldn't have received a text message from Laura Beiler I wouldn't have found out about this fire until the next morning. 

 This house was a little Presbyterian church  built in 1941 as an outpost Sunday School for Pinecraft. In 1944 the Mennonites purchased it and the trustees were a Mennonite, a Conservative and an Amish man. "The History of Pinecraft" by Noah Gingerich wrote about the early beginnings.
 Tuesday morning I went inside and these pictures are what I saw.

 First bedroom

 The hallway


This is the bedroom where the fire started.

 The dog was laying at this back door with his nose to the floor getting all the oxygen possible when he was rescued by one of the firefighters.

 The kitchen

The view from Yoder Avenue on Tuesday morning. 


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    1. No lives were lost. I am under the impression they are going to rebuild.


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