Lapp's Bike Shop Closes Down

 Today I took my bike to Lapp's Bike Shop to get it cleaned and tuned up for the summer. Only one of these bikes wears white socks. He dares to be different.

 These bikes worked hard all winter. Most of them  were put to use early in the morning and didn't retire until after dark.

 Lined up by size and color. 

 Pressure washing my bike. He had the wheels spinning and the dirt flying.

 Each bike has a chain, lock and key. 

 One wheel

 After my bike dried it had a good oiling and tighten a few screws. And it is ready for the summer months. The bike shop owners spend their summers up north, so bike shops close up when they leave for the north. 

Love how the calendars are put to use. 


  1. Ineke from The NetherlandsApril 8, 2015 at 10:03 AM

    I would recognize that red bike everywhere.
    Like I did last February ;)
    Hope you are doing fine, Katie!
    Hugs from the other side of the Big Pond.


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