Shuffleboarding: When Pinecraft is Empty

 Tonight when I biked into the park nobody was even close to the shuffleboard but when I was ready to leave Chet Stoltzfus and Katie Beiler were waiting on a few players to show up. Soon John Troyer and Omar Stoltzfus showed up.
 Chet is sprinkling the board with beads of some sort to make the disks slide easily. It was a hot day so he is barefooted and so is John Troyer.

 Omar and John on the one side...

 while Chet and his Mother-in-law Katie were on the opposite end.
Actually Omar & Chet played against John and Katie. 

There were a few other people watching and visiting like Atlee Raber and Enos Bontrager, David & Irene Swartzentruber, and I think Floyd and Sarah. I can't remember if I saw them or imagined I saw them. I am loving this lazy, sleepy village.


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