Friday, May 6, 2011

Mr Lizard Comes to Dine

This man lives on my porch. No, I don't know that he lives on my porch but he spends a lot of time here. Here his tail is gone but his tail is growing again by leaps and bounds. It is probably due to the insects he eats.

I was on the inside, taking pictures of him through the tinted window. I think he sensed I am around and knew where I was.
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  1. I love him, I have always loved frogs and lizards.

  2. Once upon a time we had a resident lizard. We called him Larry. He just looked like a Larry! LOL!

  3. When i first moved to Florida i got a big kick out of watching lizards, pure harmless entertainment. Richard from Lebanon county's Amish community.

  4. Incase anyone is interested, i will have an old order Mennonite woman named Jean post her 2nd post on my blog this Tuesday. Please feel free to visit and leave a question for her if you like. Richard from Lebanon county's Amish settlement.