All in an Evening's Drive

There is hardly anything going on in Pinecraft, at least not compared to the winter months and yet there is enough action to keep life interesting. This evening three ladies were peacefully fishing down by the creek.

And the next minute I was hearing screaming and so I quickly biked over to the edge and this one lady was swinging the machete. Suddenly their world turned upside down when the fishing pole laying on the ground caught a fish and the pole was being dragged into the water and a snake came swimming toward the fish on the hook and chaos broke out. I quickly decided to keep my distance and turned my bike around...

saw the crack peddler sitting on the fence. I left the park...


  1. Yikes, I'd leave too with the snake showing up!

    Katie, I love your sense of humor!

  2. It took me a second but I caught on to the crack peddler comment! I was trying to figure out how you knew anyone was selling crack and why you didn't report it ...LOL!!!!! Katie, you crack me up and there is no pun intended!!!



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