Ella's Wish - A book Review

“Ella’s Wish” is a well written book. Having been born and raised Amish, I read Amish novels with a critical eye. My number one thing is to see how Amish the story is. I soon lost interest in seeing how Amish the story is, as I got wrapped up with the main characters’ lives.  
Ella, as she faced life of a single woman after being almost married to Aden. Her parents, Daett and Mamm, who assumed they knew Ella’s heart and desires without listening  to what she had to say, of what she wanted to say.  Of Ronda who was aware and sensitive of what was happening in each heart without being told, without words. Of the young single Bishop who was seeking a wife, who was never challenged and never questioned his perspective and authority on any given subject. His word was law. And then came the young Deacon who preached fiery sermons of hell fire and brimstone, who by appearance was someone you kept your distance. Yet hidden under his sermons was a tender and timid heart and not quite so sure of himself. He was the father of three little girls and who lost his wife for some reason or another. Anyway both the Bishop and Deacon wanted Ella for a wife.    
This book can be bought from Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Christianbook.com.


  1. Sounds like a good book.. I haven't seen that one.. Who is the Author? Have a great day.. God Bless

  2. I have had to view Amish fiction the same way. Ignore the flaws and just enjoy the story. I have long enjoyed historical fiction and I'm sure if people from that era were to read those books they would find inaccuracies as well.

  3. I am sorry I forgot to mention the author. Jerry Eicher born and raised Amish wrote this books and many other Amish fiction books.

  4. I have had a few of Jerry Eicher books I enjoyed them.. I will look for this one next time I get off the farm .. Thank you.. God Bless

  5. This sounds like a wonderful story-I will definitely have to find it. It's good to know now what is really the Amish way and what is just plain fiction. Thanks for sharing your lives with us...have a blessed day!!!


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