Pinecraft Tonight

Two out of three women that live on Bimini Street are out riding tonight. (Click picture to enlarge)

They rounded the corner and took off for the park. I followed them but by the time I entered the park they were on their way out again. They reminded me of children out on a joy ride, but it was a perfect evening to be out biking after an 88 degree day.

After the above two left the park there was only one homeless guy and myself in the park, that is until Bill Detweiler came biking back in. We visited until his phone rang and then I left to finish my ride.

As I neared home I was hearing music, so I followed the source to my neighbor Sam & Martha's front door. Anna Yoder was also enjoying the evening outside. About every time they finished a song we could hear distant clapping of hands. After looking around a bit we spotted a young girl standing in their back yard listening and clapping to the music. She made our day.
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  1. Thanks for sharing... I enjoy your blog & photos very much. I don't post often, but I do visit regularly to see what is going on in Pinecraft :o)


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